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Meet our 2019-20 Class!


Program Description

The Abundant Life Fellowship provides a premiere holistic Community Development experience that will equip young Christians with the skills and knowledge to be future leaders in this field. This 11-month (mid-August through mid-July) intensive community development internship is designed to equip young adults to engage their faith through community working, worshiping, learning, living, and resting. Fellows will build deep and formative relationships with each other, program participants, partners, neighbors, and co-workers. These relationships and experiences will have a life-long impact on the Fellows by providing a comprehensive Christian Community Development framework through which to see and interact with the world in whatever context God calls them to.




Five Core Aspects

Working in community

Abundant Life will provide Fellows with work (see opportunities) in a variety of programs in which they will receive a $14,000 living stipend distributed evenly over the 11 months of the internship. Fellows will benefit from thorough training and orientation, as well as ongoing training and support from an experienced, committed, and supportive staff throughout the year.


Worshiping in community

Another essential component of the Fellowship is participating in a worshiping community connected with the Prospect neighborhood. Abundant Life has many church partners, with Vineyard Church, Victory Church, and Trinity Presbyterian as the primary partners with Abundant Life’s Fellows Program. Fellows will participate in one of these churches and receive mentoring from an individual in the church they attend.


Learning in community

Fellows will absorb a great deal of experiential knowledge in their work and as they grow in relationship with each other and their neighbors. They will also take part in group book studies, dinner discussions, professionally focused trainings, the Christian Community Development Association Annual Conference, and introduction seminars to local community development organizations.


Living in community

Abundant Life will provide young men and women with housing in the community. Together under one roof, Fellows will develop transformative relationships that will enhance the impact and experiences gained from community working, worshiping, learning, and resting.


Resting in community

As Fellows live in the community, they will also learn to rest in the community. Burnout is a common result of people living, working, and worshiping together in community. Developing healthy boundaries and faithfully maintaining a weekly day of rest is essential for this work. Fellowship is specifically designed for participants to practice balance and rest.



Fellows must have a bachelor’s degree and fundraise $6,900.

For more information, contact Richard Feero.


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