Building Goodness and Darden students team up to rehab “White House”

Jun 05, 2018|Written By: Jane Duffey

In 2017, the “White House” at 782 Prospect Avenue received a beautiful interior rehab through the loving hands of longtime Abundant Life supporters. In the fall, we heard of an opportunity that could help us extend the makeover to the aging exterior. We applied for a partnership with Building Goodness Foundation (BGF), a Charlottesville-based nonprofit with construction projects both locally and globally. Each year, BGF partners with UVA’s Darden School of Business for Building Goodness in April (BGIA) Build Day: Darden students select projects, fundraise, coordinate with suppliers and construction volunteers, and provide volunteer labor with the support of BGF’s Lauren McRaven. It was a blessing to learn that we were one of two nonprofits whose applications for BGIA were approved!

Under the supervision of Mike Layman, a local contractor and faithful friend of Abundant Life, plans were drawn up to replace the front porch and all the first floor windows. Dave Wheatley, also a volunteer contractor, helped Mike with this undertaking. The original porch was deconstructed and a concrete slab was poured, which not only raised the porch to meet the door stoop and make it more accessible, but also extended it to accommodate the picnic tables and provide extra space for ministry activities. Additionally, the porch received new wood, new gutters with proper drainage, and a fresh coat of paint. New windows mean better energy efficiency, security, and being able to open them again without propping them in place.

The job turned out to be bigger than first realized. Isn’t that typical of most home renovations? The size of the porch footprint took a much greater amount of concrete which also meant a bigger dig out. Of course, the spring weather wasn’t very cooperative. Rain, heat, snow – we had it all. The big volunteer day had to be moved up because of a chance of snow. Somehow it all came together because God is faithful and He moves on the hearts of some of His best people. Mike Layman and Brian McNabb kept working on the porch until the job was done, some three weeks later. We have some landscaping opportunities for any green thumbs out there – contact us if interested!

We have been incredibly blessed as we continue to make the ministry home into a pleasing place to enhance both the neighborhood and our programs. Check out the photos below to see the team in action and the final result. A giant THANK YOU to Building Goodness Foundation, the Darden School of Business, Mike Layman, Dave Wheatley, and Brian McNabb!!

Photo credit: Laura Merricks


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