Empowering Entrepreneurs: The Point Church’s Entrepreneurship Program

Jun 18, 2024|Written By: Faith Kelley

Introducing The Academy

As our Presenting Sponsor, we proudly highlight The Point Church’s transformative Entrepreneurship Program, The Academy. This dynamic 10-week journey is designed for aspiring and current business owners—whether they have a concrete idea, a spark of passion, or are ready to elevate their business to the next level. Grounded in gospel-centered principles, The Academy is committed to empowering entrepreneurs with a foundation of faith, fostering both spiritual and economic growth.


Why Choose The Academy?

The Academy is more than just a classroom; it’s a vibrant, gospel-forward community hub where participants forge lasting connections with fellow entrepreneurs. From the very start, the emphasis is on action: participants learn how to pitch their business by the second class, building the confidence to take their ideas to market and earn their first dollar by the end of the session. This approach ensures that faith and business acumen grow hand in hand.


Who We Serve

The Academy targets under-resourced communities, including educators, first responders, and community service workers in Charlottesville, Louisa, and Waynesboro. We aim to graduate 250 entrepreneurs over the next five years, injecting $6.5 million back into the community. Our program serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity, demonstrating how gospel-centered values can drive economic and social transformation.


What Sets Us Apart?

Our commitment to sustainability and community empowerment is unmatched. Graduates are encouraged to return as mentors and course teachers, ensuring the program remains community-led and self-sustaining. By integrating gospel-centered principles, we instill a sense of purpose and service, encouraging participants to lead with integrity and compassion.


Program Details

  • Start Date:  Classes begin in September
  • Location: Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church
  • Cost: The course is valued at over $1000, but students pay only $175, with The Point Church covering the rest.


Join the Movement

The Academy is not just about starting a business; it’s about catalyzing a movement, one entrepreneur at a time. Join us in transforming ideas into realities and fostering economic empowerment in our communities, all while upholding gospel-centered values.

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