Royal Girls explore faith and sports at Citikidz

Aug 01, 2019|Written By: Sonia Montalvo

In late June, nine of our Royal Girls participants made the 4.5-hour trek to Citikidz, a Christian sports camp in Rector, Pennsylvania. After working all year to fundraise their camp fees, the young ladies sat on pins and needles as the bus pulled into the Citikidz entrance. Camp counselors greeted them with energetic chants, hugs, and smiles. Their nervousness melted away and the girls quickly realized that their home for the next week was full of love and support.


A week filled with God and sports may sound like a simple concept, but when you are knee deep in the culture it is a transformational experience. So often we think of glorifying Christ with our bodies, as “dressing modestly” or worshiping with our hands in the air. Rarely do we think of giving God the glory and creating relationship through physical activity.

Citikidz offers the opportunity to explore a relationship with Christ through activities like archery and track. Campers can canoe and study the bible all in the same day. Youth ages 8-18 have the chance to try sports that they may have never played. Mountain biking, martial arts and challenging obstacle courses are just a few of the activities the Royal Girls were excited about.


Watching the spiritual shifts that took place in the campers proved to be a tear-jerking experience. Seeing students cultivate authentic bonds with Christ, and a deeper understanding of his love for his children is beyond what I could imagine. On one of the last nights of camp, counselors gave students the space to give their lives over to Christ if they saw fit. Dozens of kids willingly walked up to their counselors to be saved in Christ or to learn more about what it means to give yourself wholeheartedly to the Lord.

Upon leaving Citikidz, our young ladies vowed to return next year. They shed tears, gave hugs, but most importantly, their spirits moved closer to God. The Royal Girls cannot wait to return next year to see what the Lord has in store for them at Citikidz 2020.

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