Wildrock Girls Summit provides empowering life lessons

Sep 28, 2018|Written By: Sonia Montalvo

In partnership with City of Promise and Jefferson Area CHIP, Abundant Life traveled beyond the city limits for Wildrock Girls Summit on Friday, September 21. Twelve girls loaded up the bus for some fun in the wilderness and time to reflect on their Girl Power! Upon arriving, both Wildrock staff and women of the Charlottesville community greeted the girls. Their mission? To affirm and encourage our youth.

Before activities like sensory meditation by the stream, all of the girls conquered their fears by crossing the rock bridge over the water. A test for some, crossing the stream meant that much more once on the other side. Other activities included attaching affirmations onto walking sticks and painting inspirational words onto rocks for the yoga trail and a hike in the mountains. On the way up the mountain, each girl stood on top of the mountain’s large rock and read her affirmations out loud. Once at the summit, the staff and girls took time to stop by the river and reflect on the day’s events.

Before we ended the day, each girl journaled about how the summit made them feel. The journals, a keepsake to remember their time at Wildrock, were given to them before they took their ‘Gratitude Walk’ around the Labyrinth.

A break from life in the city, both the girls and the staff were able to take the time to connect with each other and themselves on a deeper level. Wildrock Girls Summit was an amazing opportunity for everyone in attendance to see their true strengths.


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