Our 2025 Strategic Plan

Nov 30, 2022|Written By: Faith Kelley; Abundant Life Ministries Board of Directors

In 2019, we began a practice of creating these clear and focused three-year strategic plans to guide our short-term efforts and ensure that we remain effective–and adapting–to achieve our long-term goal of helping residents of the Prospect and Fifeville neighborhood to flourish and live abundant lives.

Our initial 2019-2021 Strategic Plan was informed, in addition to conversations with staff and Board members, by a 2015-2016 survey of the neighborhood residents.

We embark on this 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, informed by our spring 2022 survey of the community, in addition to feedback from our staff, Board, partners and donors.

We remain rooted in our core values and pursue strategies that lead to lasting, holistic, and measurable outcomes.

Download our 2025 Strategic Plan here. Abundant Life Strategic Plan-2022-2025


2022-2025 Five Focus Areas & Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal #1:  

Strengthen Staff Care & Formation

Ensure that we have policies, plans and a culture that develop and support staff for the difficult and transformative nature of the work of neighborhood ministry. Focus is on supporting spiritual formation and overall wellness, healthy staff and team interactions, and training that equips staff to be culturally fluent and engage with each other and the community with best practices from trauma-informed care, social and emotional skills.


Strategic Goal #2: 

Increase Community Empowerment, Leadership Development & Long-term flourishing through Programming and Relationships

Involves assessing the foundation of our program design and community engagement approach and ensuring that our approach and success metrics focus on long-term impact of flourishing spiritually, emotionally and economically; ideally less-dependent on Abundant Life and outside resources over time, and more involved in supporting each other and raising up leaders from the community. Also involves ensuring that we have a focus beyond academics and children’s programs, and that we assess our whole family approach. Includes addressing the felt need of mental health and other health care resources, through our program approaches, staff and volunteer training, and through connecting the community with partners who specialize in those areas.


Strategic Goal #3:

Reach Unmet Populations in the Community

Involves listening to Prospect neighbors and providing programs and partnerships to support them, particularly looking to expand our elementary presence into Jackson Via, restarting adult programming, reaching more of the immigrant population.


Strategic Goal #4:

Plan for use of Abundant Life Land

Involves determining–with input from community–how to use our property to support Abundant Life mission and neighborhood desires, including possible capital campaign for larger community center and continued affordable housing opportunities.


Strategic Goal #5:

Advance Fundraising & Marketing for Engagement & Financial Sustainability

Involves re-evaluating Abundant Life’s approach to marketing, communications and implementing an updated fundraising strategy, including donor segmentation, with the purpose of better informing and engaging our individual donors, partners, and reaching more foundations and grants. Also involves continuing to train and equip the staff and Board of Directors to play an active role in fundraising.

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