2022-25 Strategic Plan Goal Areas and Progress

Abundant Life’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan was developed following the results of a community-wide survey, as we adhere to our mission of hearing from our neighbors for the advancement of the Ministry. As Highlighted in the 2023 Impact Report, Abundant Life’s year was fruitful, allowing us to see much progress in each of our Strategic Plan goals, listed below.


Strengthen Staff Care & Formation

Staff is the backbone of this organization, and given the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical impacts of relational ministry, this was our foundational goal area.

The Impact Report mentioned new staff training which we’ve done in partnership with organizations such as ReadyKids, UVA, and board members, covering topics such as trauma-informed care, dealing with difficult cultural situations, history of Black Classical education, and fundraising and advancement

an improved staff retreat incorporating education, team building, and practical planning, as well as rest and wholeness and wellness workshops.

We also implemented a sabbatical policy as another way to care for staff

and restructured staff office location (now in one bullpen) and evolved team meetings to facilitate greater collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Increase Community Empowerment, Leadership Development & Long-term Flourishing

These are the core outcomes that we desire from Abundant Life’s efforts, as we show the love of Christ to the community.

The Impact Report focused on the Community Focus Group, which has been meeting monthly since our spring 2022 neighborhood survey (which informed this three-year plan), and has initiated efforts such as the UVA Health on-site clinics and advised on other priorities.

The V-Trades program is a major initiative that came out of this goal area.

We have increased collaboration with the Fifeville Neighborhood Association, including participation in neighborhood development conversations, and specific focus on civic leadership and empowering our youth to speak up.

And we have partnered with new Charlottesville Police leadership to facilitate relationship-building in the community.



Reach Unmet Populations in the Community

We listen to our Prospect neighbors and provide programs and partnerships that best serve them, through both structured and unstructured relational moments.

The aforementioned Community Focus Group and V-Trades career exploration program are the two major developments in this area.

We also served several new families in this summer’s VBS, including several refugee families, by providing extended childcare each day.

And we have begun conversations to restart financial literacy programming, both for adults but also extending into middle and high school.



Strategic use of Abundant Life’s Land

We are prayerfully considering how to use our remaining acreage to best serve the Prospect Ave. community.

The UVA Health clinics on-site at our property—responding to physical and mental health needs from the community— are a great example of this, and one that we didn’t foresee initially.

And we are continuing to look at long-term development and a possible capital campaign to provide more programming space, along with other services for the community such as entrepreneurship space, affordable housing.

We have also set up a media room for use by the community, whether that be access to a computer and assistance with job searching, or training specific to our V-Trades program (UPS-provided simulators, as a start).



Advancing Engagement & Fundraising

We have been evaluating and evolving our approach to marketing and communications, seeking to provide better information that helps our supporters and our community understand impact.

There are a number of efforts that you’ve hopefully seen, from a rejuvenated social media and newsletter presence, to spotlights of impact and expanded partnerships.

We’ve also begun a specific alumni effort—both participants and volunteers—that we hope will strengthen long-term engagement and help us and our supporters understand impact over time and across the U.S., and world!

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