Abundant Life Presents: Beloved Community Gospel Explosion Benefit Concert

Apr 25, 2024|Written By: Faith Kelley

Where Abundant Life, Gospel Music, and Charlottesville and Beyond meet.

Get ready to be swept up in the soul-stirring rhythms and powerful melodies at Charlottesville Abundant Life’s highly anticipated Gospel Explosion Benefit Concert!

August 10th

IX Art Park


On August 10th, IX Art Park will be transformed into a haven of jubilant praise as we gather to celebrate the uplifting force of gospel music. Join us for an evening of electrifying performances by renowned gospel artists: Harry Bryant & the VA Boyz, Denise & The Traveling Aires, and The Traveling Angels, as they ignite the stage with their passion and devotion. From stirring vocals to exhilarating instrumentals, every note will resonate with the spirit of unity and love. As we come together in harmony, let’s not only revel in the joy of music but also support our community’s mission of spreading hope and empowerment.

This electrifying event promises an unforgettable evening of live music, all in support of the Charlottesville Abundant Life Community. As the stage comes alive with the sounds of gospel music, attendees will be moved by the powerful voices and spirited performances of talented artists. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – food trucks will line the venue, offering a delectable array of cuisines to tantalize taste buds. Families will delight in the variety of kids’ activities available, ensuring that everyone, young and old, can partake in the festivities. And for those looking to grab a quick bite or refreshment, a concession stand will be at their service. Yet, beyond the entertainment and culinary delights, the Gospel Explosion Benefit Concert serves a greater purpose: to foster unity within the community. Through music, food, and fellowship, neighbors will come together to support a worthy cause, strengthening the bonds that make Charlottesville a vibrant and compassionate place to call home.

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