Welcome Back, Angel Feero!

Aug 15, 2023|Written By: Faith Kelley

We are blessed to have Angel Feero back as the Young Women’s Program Coordinator!

Prior to her sabbatical in Costa Rica alongside her husband, Richard Feero, and their kids, Angel worked as the Elementary Program Coordinator from August 2017 to June 2021.

Angel, we are thankful for your return and pray over your time here and the relationships that you will further cultivate as you continue ministering to the community.

In the past, Angel built relationships with students and their families, as well as the schools, lesson planners, and volunteers. Angel also facilitated Abundant Life’s virtual learning center with the help of Christ Episcopal Church during COVID when the schools were closed, so that parents in the community could keep working and students’ learning wouldn’t be hindered.

During her family’s sabbatical in Costa Rica, Angel was able to hear God telling her that her trip was a time of rest for her and preparation so that she could return to the States and continue to battle for His Kingdom. She was able to see God working in such clear ways and it gave her the confirmation that she needed to return back to Abundant Life. 

Now that Angel is working with the older group, she will be able to focus on building relationships with the young ladies, ages 5th-12th grade, and their families. With young children at home, hanging out and fellowshipping with Middle Schoolers is a refreshing change of pace. Angel is hoping that their time together will foster sisterhood, increase their knowledge of the Bible, and help them continue developing healthy emotional and social practices as they mature.

She is excited to further her relationship with the young ladies that she worked with when they were in Elementary School, being able to work more directly with them, differing from when she was an oversight and facilitating them as the Elementary School Program Coordinator.

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