Dominion Energy Check Presentation Ceremony

Jul 11, 2023|Written By: Faith Kelley

Over the past 27 years of Ministry, Abundant Life has been able to partner not only with the community that it walks alongside, but several other organizations that have a mission of community empowerment. 

Our 5th grade through one-year post-high school programs’  initiative is to highlight youth leadership and building community beginning as early as 11 years old. With this initiative in mind, our tutoring and enrichment programs have enabled us to minister to hundreds of youth over the years. The work that we do is made possible through faithful donors and the support of grant lenders who value the work that is being done in the Prospect Avenue and surrounding neighborhoods. The mission community empowerment and youth leadership is now being taken a step forward as Abundant Life soft launches it’s Vocational-Trades program, which learns youth of “unconventional” career paths and getting them familiar with the variety of these fields. 

Recently, Abundant Life began a partnership with Dominion Energy and was awarded a $10,000 grant through Dominion’s Foundation Community Investment Board. This grant and partnership will go towards supporting Abundant Life’s 5th grade through one-year post-High School programs. 

Join us on the morning of August 3rd as Abundant Life is awarded this check and reflects on its programs and partnership with Dominion Energy. Hear remarks from Abundant Life’s Executive Director, Eddie Howard, an Abundant Life youth program participant, and a representative from Dominion Energy.

Abundant Life is thankful to Dominion Energy’s partnership and recognition of the Ministry’s work in the community as it’s mission is to build leadership within the community.





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